Foreign Minister Receives British Secretary of State for Middle East and North Africa Affairs

Foreign Minister Mr. Fuad Hussein met with the British Secretary of State for Middle East and North Africa, Mr. James Cleverley and his accompanying delegation at the Ministry’s building in Baghdad.

Minister Fuad Hussein referred to the topics discussed during the recent visit of Prime Minister, Mr. Mustafa Al-Kadhimi to the United Kingdom, and the importance of advancing work to establish the Partnership and Cooperation Agreement between Iraq and the United Kingdom and holding meetings next January, as well as the matter regarding the Framework Strategic Agreement.

Minister Fuad Hussein touched on the tangible progress in defeating Da’esh terrorist organization and the losses it incurs daily, stressing the importance of continuing security cooperation between the two countries, continuing to train Iraqi forces and exchange intelligence information to prevent the return of terrorist groups’ activity.

The Minister also touched on developments in the political situation in Iraq, and the government’s decision to hold early elections next June, indicating that the government seeks to make the upcoming elections free and fair and enjoys the confidence of the people, and that Iraq has sent a letter to the United Nations to provide support and send observers to conduct elections on time.

The two Ministers also touched on a number of regional and international issues of common concern, stressing the need to work to reduce tension and achieve de-escalation in the region, and to avoid escalation that will not serve any party.

On his part, Mr. Cleverley praised Iraq’s balanced stance on current events in the region, and affirmed the United Kingdom’s political and economic support for Iraq, and its desire to develop relations with Iraq at all levels.

Mr. Cleverley praised the efforts of the Iraqi government in the field of combating Da’esh terrorist organization affirming UK’s support for Iraq in its war against terrorism, and also expressed his confidence in the government, especially the holding of fair and transparent elections that restore the Iraqi voter’s confidence in the political process.