The Ambassador of Republic of Iraq in Prague Meets with Deputy Foreign Minister of Czech Republic

The Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq, Mrs. Sundus Omar Ali, met with Ms. Michaela Marksová-Tominová,  Deputy of the Czech Foreign Ministry on the occasion of the launch of the 16 Days Campaign to Combat Violence against Women, stressing that Iraq is committed to continuing to empower women and advancing their conditions through the adoption of a national development plan, and that Iraq is committed to continue the empowerment of women, and the advancement of their conditions through the adoption of the National Development Plan 2018-2030 and the first national plan (2014-2018) related to Security Council Resolution 1325, and in the process of adopting the second national plan 2019-2022; to provide health, economic, and educational support, especially in areas affected by terrorist acts, and to form a human and social development team to monitor the implementation of Iraq’s vision within the 2030 Sustainable Development Plan. The Ambassador stressed that Iraq is committed to being one of the countries that work to build and implement programs and mechanisms aimed at empowering Iraqi women; to be actively present in decision-making positions, and to create a better future for herself and her country, adding that the number of women in the Iraqi parliament after the 2018 elections is 83 out of a total of 329 members