The Ambassador of Republic of Iraq in Ottawa Participates in the Canadian Arab Business Council Forum

The Ambassador of Republic of Iraq in Ottawa, Mr. Wadih Batti participated in the Canadian Arab Business Council Forum, through video conference,

The ambassador gave presentation on the reconstruction projects in the liberated governorates which are being implemented by as government projects and in cooperation with United Nations organizations and the international community, in which Canada participates in the Canadian aid package provided to Iraq. The presentation also addressed in detail the reasons that motivate companies and investors to invest in Iraq by referring to ten main factors that encourage investment in Iraq. The ambassador touched on the investment map announced by the National Investment Commission and the many opportunities in different sectors.

The Ambassador also stated the level of relations between the two countries, Canadian capabilities in certain sectors and areas that correspond to Iraqi needs, and the role that the Iraqi community in Canada can play, which possesses great human potential and capabilities.

Stressing the challenges facing investment in Iraq, such as bureaucracy, corruption, lack of optimal utilization of resources, underdevelopment of the banking system , and the need to provide a sound environment for the revival of the private sector, stating that the Iraqi vision of sustainable development and the white paper that won an internal and external consensus from various sides, and that the conditions after Iraq’s victory over Da’esh terrorist organization, the impact of the Corona pandemic on the Iraqi economy, all these things combined put Iraq in front of one path which is to overcome these challenges and make a qualitative leap with radical reforms to the Iraqi economy.

The ambassador called on Canadian companies to enter the Iraqi market, stressing the embassy’s keenness to provide all facilities and support to them in order to achieve this goal, which is in the interest of both countries, adding that there is a real desire on the Iraqi side to develop economic and trade relations with Canada.