The Ambassador of Republic of Iraq in Ankara Receives Turkish President’s Envoy for Water Affairs with Iraq

The Ambassador of Republic of Iraq to Ankara, Mr. Hassan Al-Janabi, received the Turkish President’s Envoy for Water Affairs with Iraq, Mr. Faysal Araoglu, on November 25, 2020, at the embassy building in Ankara in the presence of representatives of the Turkish Foreign Ministry, the Turkish Ministry of Agriculture, and the Turkish General Directorate of Hydraulic Works (DSI)

During the meeting, the delegation presented its vision of the bilateral relationship between the two countries in light of previous meetings and developments, and the need to move forward in agreeing on the priorities of joint cooperation projects, as there is a list of proposed Turkish projects, and two lists submitted by the Iraqi Ministry of Water Resources to the Turkish side. The delegation affirmed that Turkey is keen on the unity of Iraq and is ready for comprehensive cooperation with it.

On his part, the Ambassador presented Iraq’s vision for bilateral cooperation that secures the stability and sovereignty of Iraq according to the principle of not harming its interests, and its desire for technical and political cooperation with its neighbor Turkey, stressing the need for Iraq to know the plans to operate the Turkish dams, especially the Ilisu dam, as well as the Iraqi concern about the construction of the Turkish carrot dam on the Tigris River .

The two sides agreed on the necessity of regular technical and political meetings between the two parties and the visit of a Turkish delegation to Iraq, especially to the Mosul Dam, for a review, as well as for the final agreement to establish a water research center in Baghdad and Basra.