Iraq Participates in Launch ofGlobal Alliance for Future of Food Organised by Italian Government in Cooperation with World Food Organization (FAO)

The Permanent Representative of Iraq to the Food and Agriculture Organization, and the Vice President of the Near East Group in the Organization, Ms. Safia Al-Suhail, participated in the high-level virtual event to launch the Global Alliance for the Future of Food in light of the Coronavirus pandemic, which calls for the establishment of a voluntary network that work together to prevent it from becoming a health crisis. The Italian Prime Minister, Mr. Giuseppe Conte, affirmed his country’s support for this important initiative, and the event was attended by Dr. Qu Dongyu, Director-General of the Food and Agriculture Organization, Ms. Schouten, Deputy Prime Minister of the Netherlands, and Ms. Tawakkol Noaman, a Yemeni journalist who won the Nobel Peace Prize. Two rounds of high-level discussion took place of experts and elite persons represented by Ministers of Agriculture of Niger, Italy, and permanent delegates from Russia, China, and the United States to create a mechanism for joint cooperation to promote work to transform food systems in light of the virus pandemic, raise awareness, mobilize financial resources and technical expertise, and export innovation and knowledge to support countries most in need.