Foreign Ministry Undersecretary Calls on Polish Side to Work in the Iraqi Market

The Foreign Ministry Undersecretary for Administrative and Financial Affairs, Ambassador Moayad Saleh, called on Polish companies and economic entities to enter the Iraqi market through the investment portal and to strengthen economic relations.

During his meeting with the Undersecretary of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Paweł Jabłoński, he stated that Polish companies have a long history in various fields, and Iraq needs to benefit from the expertise that these companies have, as it is a fertile ground for investment, especially after the security situation improvement  after defeating Da’esh terrorist organization that threatened the security in the Middle East region, and the restoration of all lands from the grip of this extremist group, which confirms the ability of Iraqi security forces to control the security situation and spread the spirit of reassurance to capital owners who wish to invest in various sectors in Iraq.

The Undersecretary expressed his hope to enhance the prospects of cultural and scientific cooperation between Baghdad and Warsaw, stressing that Poland is one of the friendly countries close to Iraq, with many cultural and historical common values.

Mr. Moayad also thanked the Republic of Poland, the people and the government, for the participation of their military advisors in supporting the security forces in fighting extremist groups, and presented an official invitation to Mr. Jabłoński to visit Iraq as soon as possible.

On his part, Mr. Jabłoński, stressed the Polish side’s keenness to strengthen bilateral relations with Iraq, pointing out that Iraq is a basic and strong partner in the Middle East region, and that Warsaw is looking forward to enhancing cooperation prospects with Baghdad in various fields, pointing out that the relevant Polish authorities are now preparing medical aid for Iraq to confront the Corona virus pandemic.