Foreign Ministry Undersecretary Calls for Strengthening Prospects of Cooperation and Capacity Building with Poland

Ambassador Moayad Salih, Foreign Ministry Undersecretary for Administrative and Financial Affairs, met with the Polish Deputy Minister-Secretary of State Mr. Sebastian Chwałek

During the meeting, the two sides discussed files of mutual interest and the importance of strengthening bilateral relations between the two countries at various levels. Foreign Ministry Undersecretary Mr. Moayad called for enhancing cooperation prospects that would be reflected in capacity building and support for Iraqi security institutional tutions, and praised the logistical and military support provided by Polish advisors to Iraq in its war against Da’esh terrorist organization and the great experience they have in the fields of training and military techniques.

Mr. Moayad expressed Iraq’s position in affirming its unity and sovereignty and the refusal if interference in its internal affairs and stated that Iraq always seeks peace and good neighborliness instead of the approach of force.
Mr. Sebastian Chwałek expressed appreciation for the efforts of the Iraqi embassy in facilitating procedures for the entry of military advisors to Iraq, expressing at the same time the Polish Ministry’s readiness to open training courses for Iraqi students in Polish universities and military colleges.