The Iraqi Consul General Meets with Governor of Istanbul and Confirms to Continue Providing Service Iraqi Community

The Consul General in Istanbul Mr. Hussain Younis met with the Governor of Istanbul, Mr. Ali Yerlikaya at the headquarters of the Istanbul Governor’s Office in Fatih, and was received by Mrs. Ozlam Bozkurt Gurk, Assistant Governor for the Affairs of the Turkish Foreign Ministry, Culture and Tourism

The Governor welcomed the Consul General’s visit, stressing that work in a city like Istanbul is a great challenge, as it is the 14th city in the world in terms of population density, especially since the Iraqi community is large throughout Turkey, and in Istanbul in particular.

The Governor also indicated that Iraq is a neighboring country and that it has strong relations with Turkey at all levels, and concluded by stating the importance of the role that the Consul General plays in Istanbul, so he directed the agencies of Istanbul in cooperation with the consulate to overcome difficulties and provide the required facilities for the Iraqis residing in Istanbul.

The Consul General also thanked the governor of Istanbul for the reception, stressing the importance of these meetings and the positivity they reflect.

The Iraqi consulate plays major roles related to providing consular service to the honorable Iraqi community, and it also plays coordination roles with various authorities in Turkey in order to facilitate the tasks of official Iraqi delegations.