Foreign Minister during Press Conference with Greek Counterpart Calls for Ending Tensions and Conflicts in the Region through Dialogue and Negotiations

Foreign Minister Mr. Fuad Hussein stated that the Iraqi-Greek relations are long-standing and important for Iraq, and the two countries have many commonalities, explaining that the Iraqi and Greek civilizations are among the most ancient civilizations.

Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein expressed the appreciation for Greece’s positions in support of Iraq through the Global Coalition to defeat Da’esh, the European Union, and NATO, and thanked Greece for receiving Iraqi immigrants, and for the support they provided to the Iraqi armed forces in the field of training.

This came in a meeting between Minister Fuad Hussein and his Greek counterpart, Mr. Nikos Dendias who is on an official visit to Baghdad in which he will meet with President of the Republic, Dr. Barham Salih, and Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kadhimi to discuss several common issues between the two countries in the context of strengthening bilateral relations.

The Minister called on Greek companies to invest in Iraq for the fertile environment it enjoys, particularly in the field of energy as Greece has an extensive experience in the field of renewable energy. The two Ministers also signed two memorandums of understanding for developing relations between the two countries.

The two sides discussed regional developments, and the importance of ending tensions by adopting the principle of dialogue, considering that dialogue is the best way to achieve peace which is the basis of international law and preserves the sovereignty of states.

On his part, the Greek Foreign Minister stressed that Greece is a historic friend of Iraq and the Arab world, affirming that views have been exchanged in bilateral relations and regional affairs, praising the status of relations between the two countries.

The Greek Minister noted that the signing of the two memorandums of understanding is evidence of the development of relations, especially in the field of trade and investment, expressing the willingness of Greek companies to work in Iraq in the field of reconstruction, energy, and pharmaceuticals, stating his country’s support for Iraq’s sovereignty, unity and stability.

Mr. Nikos stated that he discussed with Minister Fuad Hussein, Iraq’s cooperation with the European Union to strengthen security, and expressed his country’s readiness to support Iraq in the European Union.