The Ambassador of Republic of Iraq in Madrid Meets with Head of Middle East and Africa Department at Spanish Foreign Ministry

The Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq in Madrid, Mr. Adel Mustafa met with Ms. Eva Martinez, Head of Middle East and Africa Department at the Spanish Foreign Ministry. The two sides discussed developing bilateral relations and strengthening cooperation at various levels, including activating the work of the Iraqi-Spanish Joint Committee, signing various memorandums of understanding, and exchanging high-level visits between the two countries, and strengthening cooperation in the current circumstances to face the pandemic.

The ambassador commended Spain for the good efforts made to support Iraq in combating terrorism and training Iraqi security forces, and affirmed that Iraq is still cooperating with the United Nations and the European Union to dry up the sources of terrorism and combat money laundering crimes.

On her part, Ms. Martinez affirmed her country’s stance with Iraq, and its territorial integrity, praising the great efforts made by Iraq in the field of combating money laundering and terrorist financing, calling for the removal of Iraq from the European Commission’s list for high-risk countries in the field of combating money laundering.