Press Statement

With relentless efforts of the Foreign Ministry represented by the Embassy of Republic of Iraq in London and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development which resulted in the approval of the members of the bank’s Board of Governors to Iraq’s joining of the Board, during the voting process witnessed in the annual meeting of the Board of Governors, which was held in London for the period 7-8 October, 2020.

Iraq’s formal accession to the bank’s membership will allow it to benefit from international banking expertise to develop the banking sector, and to obtain technical support and assistance that creates a suitable ground for investment.

This achievement has been made despite the difficult circumstances imposed by the outbreak of Coronavirus on various countries of the world, including Iraq.
We hope that this step will be an introduction to joint action aimed at strengthening the private sector in Iraq to compete and contribute to supporting sustainable development in the country.
On this occasion, the embassy appreciates the efforts of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, particularly the members of the Board of Governors, the Secretary General Mr. Enzo Quattrociocche and the staff of the Secretary General’s office.

Foreign Ministry