Foreign Minister Affirms Iraq’s Aspiration to Activate Bilateral Relations in View of the Partnership and Cooperation Agreement

Foreign Minister Mr. Fuad Hussein held a meeting with Ambassadors of the European Union countries in Iraq

Minister Fuad Hussein reviewed the efforts of the Iraqi government in the field of securing missions and organizing their work in Iraq, expressing his aspiration to activate cooperation relations in view of the cooperation and partnership agreement concluded between the two sides.

They also discussed the situation of European non-governmental organizations in Iraq, and the need to overcome obstacles that hinder their work.
The Minister promised to overcome all difficulties and obstacles in various fields.

The Ambassador of the European Union Mission was present at the meeting, and indicated that several steps have been taken to overcome technical obstacles in cooperation with the Central Bank of Iraq regarding the removal of Iraq from the list of high-risk countries in terrorist financing and money laundering, in addition to discussing the measures taken by the European Union to facilitate the work of Iraqi Airways.