Foreign Minister: Confirms that Iraq is committed to continue the empowerment of women, and advancement of their condition through the adoption of a national development plan

Foreign Minister Mr. Fuad Hussein considered that empowering women, and their effective participation equally with men, including participation in the decision-making process, and attaining positions of power are essential to achieving equality, development, and peace.

Stressing that Iraq is working to promote the concept of positive discrimination in favor of women, and to empower them economically, politically, and socially.

Minister Fuad Hussein pointed out that Iraqi women played an important and prominent role through active participation in the battlefronts, in addition to their pivotal role in promoting societal peace, establishing a culture of tolerance, and confronting sectarian and racial prejudices on which terrorism is based.

This came in the speech delivered by Minister Fuad Hussein at a high-level virtual meeting on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Fourth World Conference on Women, Thursday, 1/10/2020.

The Minister stated that the Iraqi government has issued a number of laws that contribute to achieving the desired goals, including the forming of the Supreme Council for Women to manage all departments and bodies concerned with women to work under a unified leadership, and the draft Survivors Law that the Presidency of the Republic presented to the Council of Representatives in 2019 which aims to rehabilitate and give care of the Yazidi women survivors who were kidnapped by Da’esh terrorist gangs and freed , and on the fourth of this month, the Council of Ministers presented a draft law against domestic violence to the Council of Representatives, to bring up future generations of children in a family environment free from violence that enhances their self-confidence and to be true leaders who can be relied upon in building the future, stressing that Iraq is committed to continuing the empowerment of women and advancing their condition through the adoption of the National Development Plan 2018-2030 and the first national plan (2014-2018) related to Security Council Resolution 1325, and in the process of adopting the second national plan 2019- 2022; to provide health, economic, and educational support, especially in areas affected by terrorist acts, and to form a human and social development team to monitor the implementation of Iraq’s vision within the 2030 Sustainable Development Plan.
Minister Fuad Hussein reaffirmed that Iraq is committed to being one of the countries that work to build and implement programs and mechanisms aimed at empowering Iraqi women to become actively present in decision-making positions, and to be able to create a better future for herself and her country.