The Legal Department Holds Meeting on Removal of Iraqi Entities from List of 1518 Sanctions Committee

The Legal Department held a meeting on the removal of Iraqi entities from the list of the 1518 Sanctions Committee to discuss developments in the 1518 file, and the general frameworks for the briefing that Iraq will present to the 1518 Security Council Committee.

The meeting discussed the sanctions list, which includes Iraqi individuals and entities, and its removal from the international ban list.
During the meeting, a specific mechanism was agreed upon for the purpose of negotiating with the Security Council Committee established under Resolution 1518 regarding the file of the remaining 61 entities.
The meeting also agreed on setting one of the dates proposed by the Security Council Committee Secretariat.

169 Iraqi entities have been removed in the past two years, out of 230 Iraqi entities, the meeting was chaired by the head of the legal department in the ministry, Mr. Abdul Hakim Al-Qassab, and representatives of the government agencies involved in this file.