The Ambassador of Republic of Iraq to Holy See Presents his Credentials to Pope Francis

Ambassador of Iraq Mr. Rahman Farhan Al-Amiri presented his credentials to His Holiness, Pope Francis as Ambassador Extraordinaire and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Iraq to the Holy See, the ceremony of presentation of credentials took place in the Apostolic Palace in the Vatican City.

The Ambassador affirmed that he would do his utmost to develop relations between the two sides in the interest of humanity and world peace, and he briefed on the victories achieved by Iraq against Da’esh terrorist gangs, and spoke about the peaceful coexistence between its various components despite Da’esh attempts to tear apart the Iraqi components , but failed and Iraqis remained united against them and won.
The Ambassador also stated that Iraq is a meeting place for religions that all agree on respecting human beings and their dignity, and spreading the culture and values ​​of peace, and he made clear that Iraq has obtained great international consensus and support regarding the fight against terrorism, and affirmed the government’s determination to return the displaced and rehabilitate the women and children victims of Da’esh

The Ambassador expressed the government’s aspiration for the visit of His Holiness to Iraq and the historic city of Ur, the birth of the father of the prophets Abraham – peace be upon him – stating that this visit will represent a great support for Iraq in its war against terrorism on behalf of the world and especially for Christians; as it will encourage them to return to Iraq, and to end migration.

On his part, His Holiness affirmed that he is eager to visit Iraq, and to accept the invitation as soon as possible, affirming his full support for the Ambassador, and that all doors will be open for him to succeed in his duties, expressing his love for Iraq, and at the same time his great pain for the terrorist targeting of the Iraqi people .