Foreign Minister: The Government Continues its Efforts for Dialogue with Neighbouring Countries to Prevent Iraq from Compromising National Sovereignty

Foreign Minister Mr. Fuad Hussein met with Mr. Jan Hecker, political and security advisor to German Chancellor Ms. Angela Merkel at the German Chancellery building in the capital Berlin, the meeting discussed security, political, economic, and health developments in Iraq.

The German side commended the efforts of the Iraqi government in the field of combating Da’esh terrorist organization stressing his country’s keenness to be an active partner in the Global Coalition to confront the terrorist organization.
The views of both sides agreed that Da’esh terrorist organization is not a military occurrence , but rather an ideology that military successes contribute to eliminating and ending it requires greater cooperation and
concerted efforts.

The German side expressed optimism concerning what the Minister had indicated regarding the government’s keenness to hold fair and transparent elections that would restore the Iraqi voters’ confidence in the political process in general, considering that they are part of the governmental efforts in the field of combating corruption.

Regarding the tensions in the situation in the Middle East, Minister Fuad Hussein stated that the government is continuing its efforts for dialogue with neighboring countries to prevent any compromise to the national sovereignty of Iraq.