Foreign Minister Praises Democratic Transformation Experience in Germany and Confirms the need to Benefit from this Rich Experience

Foreign Minister Mr. Fuad Hussein expressed his desire to work seriously with the German side, calling for the need to benefit from the democratic transition experience in Germany which confirms the need to benefit from this experience in meanings and lessons, reviewing the nature of the challenges facing building the democratic and development experience in Iraq.
Minister Fuad Hussein called on German companies to seize the opportunity of a fertile ground for investment and serious work in Iraq, amid governmental support for the sincere efforts to build and rebuild the country, and to help advance its economic and service reality.

This came in a speech delivered by the Minister at the invitation organized by the Expert Forum of Iraq (EFI) in cooperation with the Arab-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry on the occasion of the Minister’s visit to Berlin.
The President of the Arab-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the former Federal Minister Dr. Peter Ramsauer expressed Germany’s desire to work and invest in Iraq, stressing the importance of the elements of economic advancement Iraq enjoys.

The spokesperson for the Experts Forum of Iraq (EFI), Mr. Peter Mayer, confirmed the readiness of German companies to work in Iraq despite the challenges, whether with the public or private sector, with the need for dialogue to overcome the obstacles facing the German investor.
Mr. Thomas also expressed the desire of the German authorities to move forward towards strengthening the strategic ties between Iraq and Germany.