The Subcommittee on Democracy and Human Rights Emanating from the Partnership and Cooperation Agreement between Iraq and the European Union Holds Virtual Meeting

The Sub-Committee on Democracy and Human Rights of the Partnership and Cooperation Agreement between Iraq and the European Union held a virtual meeting through closed circuit television technology.

The two sides discussed a number of important topics related to human rights in Iraq, including, freedom of expression, government reforms, the situation of displaced, assistance to Iraqi families who have been affected by terrorist operations committed by the Da’esh terrorist organization, mass graves, prison administration, the death penalty, and the rights of women and children, assisting vulnerable groups, fighting corruption, and the new election law.

Iraq affirmed that the European Union is an important strategic partner, and that it is necessary to move forward in resuming the meetings of the committees emanating from the agreement, and for joint efforts in strengthening cooperation and exchange of experiences through workshops, training programs, capacity building, support for projects related to the humanitarian sector, transfer of expertise, and providing advice to the Iraqi institutions in the field of human rights, and the Iraqi side expressed its aspiration for intensive coordination and cooperation between all parties to achieve beneficial results that serve the common interests between Iraq and the European Union, and support the efforts of the European Union in Iraq in accordance with the principle of partnership and cooperation.

On its part, the European side expressed its readiness to continue providing support to Iraq in all fields as a strategic partner, and to finance projects implemented by international organizations in Iraq that serve Iraqi society groups in several economic, health and cultural fields, and looks forward in the future to continue holding meetings within the framework of the Partnership and Cooperation Agreement between Iraq and the European Union.
The Iraqi side was headed by Ambassador Luqman Abdul Rahim Al-Faili, head of America Department, and the membership of the concerned Iraqi authorities in the committee, the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, the Council of Representatives, the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Immigration and Displacement, and the Department of Foreign Work in the European Commission with the participation of the Ambassador of the Republic Iraq in Brussels, Mr. Sadiq Al-Rikabi, and the Ambassador of the European Union to Iraq, Mr. Martin Huth.