Foreign Minister Holds Lecture at United States Institute of Peace in Washington

Foreign Minister Mr. Fuad Hussein expressed Iraq’s vision in evaluating its relations with the countries of the world, stating that “We are working to create balanced relations based on the principle of mutual interests, without allowing anyone to interfere in our internal affairs, and we will not have a relationship with one neighbor against the other, or ignore one for the other”
Minister Fuad Hussein stated that Iraq’s relations with the United States of America are strategic, and are based on bilateral cooperation in various fields, and we hope that the US plays a role in building and stabilizing Iraq.

Minister Fuad Hussein expressed Iraq’s willingness to apply the experience of the strategic dialogue that it is currently being held in its second round with Washington, with neighboring countries to solve the outstanding problems; since Iraq’s policy is to establish good relations with neighboring countries, pointing out that a number of Iraq’s problems related to its security are due to policies and interventions from some neighboring countries, and these interventions must stop, and the problems must be solved through dialogue.

Minister Fuad Hussein affirmed that security is important in achieving any improvement in the economy, and that it will be difficult to protect the economic sector if there is no security.

Minister Fuad Hussein also noted that Iraq has very important economic relations with Iran and Turkey that should be preserved, and that problems that may affect the consolidation of bilateral cooperation with both countries be solved, calling for the importance of building security cooperation to ensure stability in Iraq by building our security forces, and fighting Da’esh terrorist organization which still pose a threat to the region’s security, adding that Da’esh was not only a threat to Iraq, but rather a threat to the region, European countries, and the international community, and that Iraq received assistance from the Global coalition, the United States of America, Russia, and from neighboring countries.

In the economic file, the Minister explained that Iraqi economy suffers from problems in its infrastructure, and relies on oil only to build its annual budget, and Iraq depends on the oil sector, and other sectors have not been built, and many sectors have been destroyed, including Agriculture, lack of development of tourism; which contributes to creating more opportunities and jobs.

Regarding the round of strategic dialogue that the Iraqi government is conducting with the US side, and the talks that both sides have held, the Minister stated that we reached understandings with the American side, and we dealt with economic issues, investment, oil, energy, and electricity, and we signed memorandums of understanding in various fields, and we covered education. culture, health, and the fight against Coronavirus.

Minister Fuad Hussein considered that the strategic dialogue is a process of discussing major comprehensive and important topics.
With regard to the elections that Iraq intends to hold, the Minister explained: We are approaching the elections, and we need a clear program for the future to solve problems.
Stating that internally we need to finish the final touches to the election law and this is the responsibility of the parliament, and there are some shortcomings related to organization, finance, building confidence in the election process, and the presence of organizations and international observers.