The Ambassador Republic of Iraq to Egypt Meets with Head of Egyptian Central Administration for International Student Affairs

The Ambassador of Republic of Iraq in Cairo and Permanent Representative to the League of Arab States, Dr. Ahmed Nayef Al-Dulaimi discussed with Dr. Rasha Kamal Muhammad, head of the Central Administration for International Student Affairs in the Arab Republic of Egypt the affairs of Iraqi students studying in Egyptian universities and institutes, and ways to provide them with the necessary facilities, and remove the obstacles that face them, especially in light of the emerging coronavirus pandemic.
Ambassador Al-Dulaimi stressed the importance of granting Iraqi students the required attention by facilitating their procedures, and developing communication and coordination between the embassy and expressed the appreciation for the cooperation that the administration demonstrates to the embassy regarding the affairs of Iraqi students.
In the meeting, a number of issues and proposals were discussed, all of which are in the interest of Iraqi students studying in Egypt, namely reducing university fees, facilitating the granting of entry and residence permits for the purpose of study for students in universities after the end of the emergency leave period that was granted to them due to the spread of Coronavirus pandemic.
On her part, the Head of the Central Administration for International Student Affairs, Dr. Rasha Kamal Mohamed stated the facilities provided to international students, confirming the keenness of the Egyptian government and the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Dr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, on overcoming the difficulties facing Iraqi students, explaining that the ministry is taking steps and measures to facilitate the enrollment of new students in universities, and the possibility of taking electronic exams in the 2020-2021 academic year, expressing thr readiness to extend the period of receiving applications for inclusion in the Egyptian grant.