Press Statement

In the name of Allah the Compassionate the Merciful

Allah Almighty said in His glorious Book:

((And never think of those who have been killed in the cause of Allah as dead. Rather, they are alive with their Lord, receiving provision,))

(Al-Imran: 169)

Today we recall the painful terrorist incident that the Foreign Ministry was subjected to which caused the martyrdom of a number of our people and the wounding of others on the hands of Al-Qaeda terrorist gangs that came into Iraq from outside the borders and wanted to sow discord and conflict between the people , their efforts were defeated when the homeland was threatened, and the Iraqis’ joined forces in the face of Da’esh terrorist organization and wrote the brightest and most wonderful epics of redemption that history will continue to remember in its pages.

The heinous crime that these takfiris have committed is evidence that they target life and its manifestations without differentiating people on the basis of sect, religion and nationalism, and their target of mosques, churches, markets, and schools.

We can only intensify our efforts and unite in turning this black page of our lives, and recover from this tragic stage to the stage of hope, and the realization of aspirations.

It was fate of Iraq to face these challenges, fight on behalf of itself and on behalf of the whole world as Iraqis made many sacrifices . One of the most prominent manifestations of the confrontation is the determination to go on building a safe and prosperous Iraq.

In conclusion, we pledge to our people, and martyrs who fell as a result of the treacherous incidents committed by the terrorists, and the martyrs who fell while defending the homeland and liberating the land. We pledge to them to be steadfast and work diligently to defend the interests of Iraq in international forums, and to praise the best cooperative relations with countries of the world so that Iraq takes its place among the countries of the world.

Iraqi Foreign Ministry