The Ambassador of Republic of Iraq to Netherlands Discusses with Representatives of Dutch Institutions Ways to Activate Cooperation and Partnership Programs with Iraq

The Ambassador of Republic of Iraq to the Netherlands, Mr. Hisham Al-Allawi met with Mr. Michael Rentinar, the new Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Iraq, and bade farewell to the outgoing Ambassador, Mr. Eric Strating in the presence of Ambassador Henk Ovink, the Dutch Special Envoy for Water Affairs and the official in charge of the Iraq file in the Dutch Foreign Ministry, and representatives of the institution of cooperative relations with Iraq.
Ambassador Al-Allawi reviewed the progress in the various fields of cooperation between the two countries in the past stage, and his vision for the next stage, which is based on strengthening the partnership and exchanging experiences in a way that matches the aspirations and capabilities of the two friendly countries.
Ambassador Al-Allawi also discussed with Ambassador Henk Ovink the Dutch special envoy for water affairs,
the latter’s upcoming visit to Iraq, and the preparation for the Minister of Water Resources’s visit to the Netherlands before the end of this year.