Ambassador of Republic of Iraq in Cairo Discusses Oil Cooperation with Egyptian Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources

Mr. Ahmed Nayef Al-Dulaimi, Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq in Cairo and Permanent Representative to the League of Arab States discussed with Mr. Tariq Al-Mulla, Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources in the Arab Republic of Egypt ways to enhance oil cooperation between the two countries, and opportunities for development, especially investment aspects in the field of oil and gas in preparation and coordination for the holding of the joint Iraqi-Egyptian Higher Joint Committee in the coming period, to be held in Baghdad between the Prime Ministers of the two countries.
Ambassador Al-Dulaimi stressed that Iraq has now become an attractive area for companies and foreign investments in various sectors after achieving the final victory over Da’esh terrorist gangs, establishing security, and being politically open to its regional and international environment, noting the importance of the strategy of cooperation between the two brotherly countries.
The Ambassador explained that coordination is underway with Baghdad to study the draft agreements and memorandum of understanding proposed by the Egyptian side to reach the final date for the meeting of the Supreme Committee decided to be held in Baghdad.
On his part, Minister Al-Mulla affirmed the Egyptian government’s keenness to convene the committee as soon as possible, as the joint committee is one of the most important mechanisms for activating cooperation between the two countries in many fields, expressing his aspiration for the coming period to witness the opening of new prospects, reviewing its efforts, stressing in the same context the importance of strategic cooperation between the two brotherly countries by increasing the areas of cooperation, exchanging experiences in the various petroleum industries, oil production, natural gas, infrastructure development and maintenance in addition to training and qualification of human staff in Petroleum industry.
Ambassador Al-Dulaimi praised the successes achieved by the oil sector and the efforts made to transform Egypt into a regional center for trade and investment in gas and oil.