Press Statement

The Foreign Ministry summoned the Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey to Iraq, Mr. Fatih Yildiz on the background of the continuing violations of the Turkish army,and recent drone bombing that struck the Sidakan area in the Erbil governorate in Kurdistan, and the martyrdom of two officers and an Iraqi army soldier.

The letter was delivered by the Undersecretary of the Foreign Ministry Ambassador Abdul Karim Hashim to the Turkish ambassador, in which it held the latter’s government responsible for this sinful attack, and demanded the Turkish side to clarify its circumstances and to hold the aggressors accountable.

In the letter the Foreign Ministry stressed the need for the Turkish government to immediately stop the bombing and withdraw its aggressive forces from all Iraqi land and which targeted for the first time Iraqi military leaders who were on a mission to control security in the border strip between the two countries.

In a statement issued by the Foreign Ministry yesterday, it considered that Turkey had committed a hostile act, and a violation of the country’s sovereignty and sanctity.
In the same regard, the Iraqi government canceled the visit of the Turkish Minister of Defense to Baghdad, as well as all the visits scheduled for Turkish officials at the present time.

Foreign Ministry