The Embassy of Republic of Iraq in Moscow Operates an Exceptional Flight to Baghdad

In coordination with the Crisis Cell, the Protocol Department at the Ministry’s headquarters and Iraqi Airways, an exceptional flight was operated to the capital, Baghdad with 153 passengers on board of Iraqis stranded in the Russian Federation due to the suspension of flight as a precautionary measure on the outbreak of the new Coronavirus, on board this exceptional flight was the body of an Iraqi student who died of drowning in the city of Adygea, as the embassy sponsored all the procedures for its transfer to Iraq.
Iraqi embassy in Moscow, through its official account on social media, and its hotlines called on Iraqi citizens who wish to return to the country to register their data so that an exceptional return flight can be arranged to Baghdad.
On his part, the Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq in Moscow Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Husseini praised the efforts of the airlines in conducting the flight and the great cooperation shown by the Russian side in facilitating the preparation of flights.
The diplomatic and administrative staff were present to accompany the passengers to the airport and complete their travel procedures.