The Embassy of Republic of Iraq in Budapest Operates Shipment of Medical Supplies

A shipment of medical supplies by an Iraqi businessman and Hungarian businessmen arrived in Baghdad to support efforts to counter the outbreak of the new Corunavirus.

This shipment includes an ambulance equipped with the latest medical technologies, more than a million masks, medical gloves, protective suits, sterile disinfecting materials, medical eyeglasses, and a number of materials that help in responding to the Coronavirus pandemic, and mitigating its effects.

This shipment is the first of the medical assistance provided by the Hungarian people to the Iraqi people.

The Iraqi embassy has completed the procedures of this shipment in coordination with the crisis cell at the Ministry, and other relevant authorities, and in cooperation with the Hungarian side.

The Chargé d’Affairs considered this initiative as a sign of the good relationship between the two friendly peoples, and their desire to strengthen the bonds of bilateral cooperation.