The Ambassador of Republic of Iraq to Canada Holds Virtual Meeting with Parliamentary Secretary of Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs

The Ambassador of Republic of Iraq to Canada , Dr. Wadee Al-Batti held a virtual meeting with the Parliamentary Secretary to the Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Rob Oliphant

The Ambassador expressed his thanks and appreciation to the Canadian government for the great support it provides to Iraq within its strategy for the Middle East region, especially the recent support for funding humanitarian organizations working in Iraq to achieve projects and operations related to the promotion of good governance, capacity building and the provision of basic services.

Ambassador Wadee Al-Batti called on the Canadian side to provide support to Iraq in the medical field as a result of the major challenges it faces in light of the increase in cases of coronavirus infection, the two sides also discussed issues related to developing bilateral relations between the two countries, including, concluding a memoranda of understanding for political consultations between the two countries which allows foreign ministers of both countries to meet, discuss, and consult on international and regional issues of common concern.

Ambassador Al-Batti pointed out that Iraq is a fertile investment environment in reference to inviting Canadian businessmen and companies to work in Iraq.

On his part, Mr. Rob Oliphant expressed his thanks to the Iraqi government for its effective contribution in providing facilities to the Canadian government for the purpose of evacuating its citizens stranded in Iraq at this critical stage and also expressed his government’s gratitude for the clear and frank position of Iraq, demonstrated in its support to Canada in international forums stressed the continued support to Iraq and its armed forces in facing security challenges, and to preserve its unity and stability, stressing that Canada is committed to respecting the sovereignty of Iraq, providing assistance in achieving stability, and preventing the re-emergence of Da’esh terrorists organisation.

The two sides agreed to follow up on the issues that were raised and work together to make all efforts to further develop relations between the two countries.