The Ambassador of Republic of Iraq in Brussels Participates in Meeting of Committee on Relations with Iraq in European Parliament

The Ambassador of Republic of Iraq in Brussels, Mr. Sadiq Al-Rikabi, participated through (Video Conference) in the meeting of the Committee on Relations with Iraq in the European Parliament, in the presence of the Chair of the Committee, Deputy Sara Skyttedal.

Ambassador Al-Rikabi confirmed that the success of Iraq in forming its new government is a step towards consolidating the principle of the peaceful transfer of power, noting that the priorities of the new government are respect for sovereignty, building balanced relations with regional and international actors, moving away from any axis of conflict, and not allowing Iraq to be a war proxy.
Noting that one of the primary tasks of the government is to advance the economic achievements by undertaking fundamental economic reforms.
The Ambassador pointed out that Iraq is witnessing an escalation in the death rate and infections of the Coronavirus pandemic, calling on the European Union to provide support to overcome this emergency health crisis.
Ambassador Al-Rikabi stressed the need to work to strengthen Iraqi-European relations within the framework of the Partnership and Cooperation Agreement and for the Iraq Commission in the European Parliament to be more effective to achieve this goal and provide support on various levels.
On her part, the Chairwoman of the Committee welcomed the new Iraqi government, announcing the committee’s support for the government in its upcoming tasks in organizing elections, economic reforms, combating corruption and eliminating the Coronavirus, and praised Iraq’s foreign policy and its openness to its regional surroundings, and expressed rejection of the Turkish intervention, which is considered a source of instability in Iraq and the region