The Senior Foreign Ministry Undersecretary Participates in Arab-Chinese Cooperation Forum / Ninth Session

The Senior Foreign Ministry Undersecretary, Ambassador Abdul Karim Hashem participated in the Arab-Chinese Cooperation Forum in its the ninth session via video conferencing technology, and gave Iraq’s speech in which he stated that the convening of this forum under exceptional circumstances reflects the insistence of the participating countries to activate the Arab-Chinese relations in various fields and set it within the frameworks of comprehensive strategic partnership with China.
The Undersecretary stressed that China is the most effective international partner in the Arab world stating that this is due to its positive stances on Arab issues, especially the issue of Palestine.
Noting that the Arab region occupies a strategic importance from the economic point of view to China, as the Silk Road throughout history, especially in the northern Arabian Gulf was a vital passage, and an important part.

The Undersecretary expressed the aspiration of Iraq for this forum to come out with methods for cooperation in the fields of economy and cross-regional investment , and infrastructure, and to achieve integration through networks of roads and transportation to overcome difficulties and reduce time and cost.
In the economic field, the Undersecretary praised Iraq’s endeavor to encourage investment companies to enter the Iraqi market, revealing that the government is working hard to provide safe legislative frameworks for investments, and concluded his speech by praising China’s (Belt and Road Initiative ) that became a platform for an increasing number of countries, and a forum for uniting efforts towards coordination, unifying positions to find new mechanisms for the international economic government that are more just by establishing a new international economic system more compatible with the economies of these countries.