Foreign Ministry Official Spokesman Dr. Ahmed Al-Sahaf:

Foreign Minister Mr. Fuad Hussein participates in the Brussels Conference on Supporting the Future of Syria and the Region via video conferencing technology and gave Iraq’s speech in which he stressed:

  • Preserving Syria’s unity, sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence, and not to interfere in its internal affairs, and support its return to the Arab system.
  • A political solution is the only guarantee to stop the suffering of the Syrian people.
  • The necessity to combat all terrorist organizations without distinguishing between one and another with Da’esh as the head of the terrorist organization and its extremist ideology.
  • Sanctions and measures imposed on Syria have had a great impact on the Syrian people, on relief efforts, education, economy, and health conditions in particular, in light of the Coronavirus pandemic.
  • The importance of the international community’s continued support to countries hosting Syrian refugees, especially Iraq, as it hosts 260 thousand refugees, especially in the current circumstances.
  • Warning that the continuation of the current situation in Syria constitutes a serious threat to Iraqi national security, and causes the flow of tens of thousands of terrorists and foreign fighters towards Iraq.
  • The importance of the Brussels Conference producing positive results that contribute to establishing peace and security in Syria and the region.