Foreign Minister Receives a Phone Call from Swedish Foreign Minister

Foreign Minister Mr. Fuad Hussein received a phone call from Sweden’s Foreign Minister Ms. Ann Linde on the occasion of his assumption of the position of Foreign Minister of the Republic of Iraq.
The two Ministers discussed the need to strengthen bilateral relations and promote them to meet the aspirations of the two friendly peoples.

Minister Fuad Hussein praised Sweden’s support to the Iraqi community, the role of Swedish humanitarian organizations in providing relief, and its support for Iraq in facing Da’esh terrorist organization, stressing the importance of continuing support within the Global Coalition until the elimination of the terrorist groups.

The Minister stated that the Iraqi government is proceeding with achieving reform and combating corruption, noting that Iraq’s new economic policy will be based on diversification of sources and will not be restricted to oil imports.

The two Ministers discussed the need to support Iraq by Gulf countries and the European Union in this field, calling on Sweden to play a role in supporting Iraq in its endeavor to establish good relations with the European Union countries.
On her part, the Swedish Foreign Minister confirmed her government’s stance on Iraq and its willingness to provide support in all fields, calling for activating the memorandum of understanding signed with the Iraqi government within the framework of activating bilateral cooperation.