Foreign Minister Receives a Phone Call from his Danish Counterpart

Foreign Minister Mr. Fuad Hussein received a call from the Danish Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Jeppe Kofod to extend congratulations on the occasion of his assumption of the post of Foreign Minister of the Republic of Iraq.

Minister Fuad Hussein expressed his thanks to the Danish government for its supportive stances to Iraq in its war against Da’esh terrorist gangs, calling for the importance of continuing the support until the elimination of the ideology that produced this terrorist gang.

The two sides affirmed the necessity of exchanging visits, discussing the most important common issues on bilateral level, and activating ways of cooperation in confronting the viral pandemic.

The Minister indicated that Iraq aspires to establish good relations with neighboring countries, and the rest of the countries of the region based on the principle of preserving sovereignty, stressing that the Iraqi government announced that the new policy of Iraq is the establishment of balanced relations, and does not favor one country over another, especially the Arab Gulf states, and the rest of the neighboring countries, and the region.

Minister Fuad Hussein praised the support provided by the NATO to Iraqi security forces, and the fight against Da’esh terrorist organization.

The two Ministers touched on the strategic dialogue round between Iraq and the United States of America, and its importance in reorganizing that relationship in a way consistent with the common interests.

The Minister called on the Danish side to encourage Danish companies and businessmen to invest in Iraq for the fertile and promising investment environment, expressing his aspiration for the support of Danish government to Iraq in strengthening cooperation with the European Union.