The Foreign Minister Stresses that Stability of the Security Situation in Iraq has a Positive Impact on Whole Region

Foreign Minister Mr. Fuad Hussein met with the Japanese Ambassador to Iraq, Mr. Naofumi Hashimoto.

The Minister affirmed the depth of the historical relations between the two countries, and the Iraqi government’s efforts to strengthen relations by establishing ways for economic cooperation that benefit both countries, expressing Iraq’s desire to rebuild the economy, and for Japan to have an important role in it.

Minister Fuad Hussein stressed that achieving security in Iraq is reflected on the region, the two sides also stressed the need to provide adequate protection for foreign companies, especially Japanese.

The Minister referred to the importance of concerted efforts in facing the repercussions of the viral pandemic for the global challenge it poses and its negative effect on the general aspects of life.

On his part, Mr. Naofumi Hashimoto conveyed the congratulations of the Foreign Minister of Japan to Mr. Fuad Hussein on the occasion of his assumption of the post of Foreign Minister of the Republic of Iraq, stressing Japan’s support to the Iraqi government, particularly in the area of ​​reform, and the need of increasing the volume of economic cooperation and establishing prospects of cooperation in the fields of education, culture and sports, revealing the Japanese government’s request for support to establish and complete high-level strategic dialogue.