The Ambassador of Republic of Iraq in Cairo and its Permanent Representative at League of Arab States Participates in Coordination Meeting in Preparation for Arab-Chinese Cooperation Forum

The Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq in Cairo and its permanent representative at the League of Arab States, Dr. Ahmed Nayef Al-Dulaimi participated via video conference technology in the coordination meeting at the delegate level to prepare for the ninth session of the Ministerial Meeting of the Arab-Chinese Cooperation Forum.

The meeting discussed the draft joint statement of the solidarity of China and the Arab countries in combating the Coronavirus pandemic, reviewed the agenda, the ministerial work program of the meeting, discussed the draft declaration of establishing the Chinese-Arab community for the future, and the Amman Declaration for the ninth session of the ministerial meeting of the Forum on Arab-Chinese Cooperation, and the draft executive program for the 2020-2022 Forum.

Iraq suggested including a number of topics for the attention of the ninth session of the ministerial meeting, including setting up an international conference in cooperation with the World Health Organization to discuss ways to control the Coronavirus pandemic, condemning external interventions in Arab affairs, and ensuring a constant Arab representation in the Security Council.

These proposals received the attention of the meeting, and it was agreed to hold another meeting to reach a final version of the documents issued from this session.