A Telephone Call between Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein and his French Counterpart

Foreign Minister Mr. Fuad Hussein received a phone call from his French counterpart, Mr. Jean-Yves Le Drian to congratulate him on the occasion of his assumption of the position of Foreign Minister.

Minister Fuad Hussein praised France’s important role in combating Da’esh terrorist gang, and the support provided to the Iraqi security forces through training and other logistical assistance, calling for the need to continue working together to defeat Da’esh threats.

Concerning the tensions and interventions in the regional environment, Foreign Minister Mr. Fuad Hussein stressed that it is the duty of countries to respect the sovereignty of Iraq, to follow the principle of non-interference, and solve problems through dialogue, stating that the new Iraqi policy is based on creating balanced relations with all neighboring countries.

Minister Fuad Hussein assured that the dialogues will continue with NATO on the ways of joint action in combating Da’esh.

On his part, Minister Mr. Jean-Yves Le Drian confirmed his country’s support for the sovereignty of Iraq, noting the importance of providing support in achieving regional stability in the region, and praised the first round of strategic dialogue that took place between Baghdad and Washington, and the agreement it included to preserve the sovereignty of Iraq and the independence of the Iraqi decision stressing the need to distant Iraq from any tensions in the region.

The French Minister touched on the need to support Iraq economically, and return to the decisions of the Kuwait Conference related to reconstruction, activating those decisions in order for the countries that participated in the conference to implement their commitments in this framework, and confirmed his country’s continued provision of support in various fields, especially rebuilding the Iraqi economy.