Foreign Minister Mr. Fuad Hussein Affirms that the Priorities of Iraqi Foreign Policy is to Expand Cooperation, Especially with the Gulf States and Gulf Cooperation Council to Create a Vast and Common Gulf Arena

This came in a telephone call to Foreign Minister Mr. Fuad Hussein, pfrom the Secretary General of the Gulf Cooperation Council, Mr. Nayef Al-Hajraf.

The two sides agreed on the necessity to unite efforts within the framework of the Gulf Cooperation Council, and the importance of creating communication between the Iraqi and Gulf team to activate the MoU.

The two sides also agreed that the security of Iraq will be positively reflected on Gulf security, and that Gulf security will be reflected in Iraq; Which means the need to achieve cooperation in various fields, including security and the economy, pointing out that Iraq is seeking to reformulate relations with neighboring countries in order to expand them, and not to allow interference in internal affairs, and to have balanced relations.

The Minister called for the necessity of communication to review the principles of joint work through visits, or via electronic platforms in the current circumstance, expressing his appreciation and praise of the positions announced by the Gulf countries and the Gulf Cooperation Council in supporting and protecting the sovereignty of Iraq, affirming that the current policy of Iraq is based on the principle of dialogue, communication, building sound and balanced relations to solve all outstanding problems, and avoiding the use of force; since it complicates solutions and threatens regional security.

Minister Fuad Hussein also referred to the recent visit of the Foreign Minister of Kuwait to Iraq, and its outcome and positive results, including working to activate the decisions of the Kuwait Conference, and expanding relations with Kuwait and the rest of the Gulf states for the benefit of all.