Iraq Supports the Safeguard and Nuclear Non-proliferation System

Ambassador Bakr Fattah Hussein, the Permanent Representative of Iraq to the International Atomic Energy Agency, confirmed that Iraq supports the agency and the Director General in efforts to implement safeguards, and to strengthen the international non-proliferation system and the best disarmament instruments.

Ambassador Hussein Bakr Fattah stressed in the discussion of the IAEA Board of Governors on the subject of the safeguards agreement with Iran, that Iraq firmly believes that cooperation and dialogue are the best way to reach understandings that fulfill the interests of the various parties stating that the Middle East cannot tolerate any further escalation, and that the existing tensions in it require the international community to be aware, patient, and consider wisely to solve the existing problems.This was stated at the virtual meeting of the IAEA Board of Governors.

The Ambassador pointed to the steadfast support of Iraq to the safeguards and nuclear non-proliferation system before the virtual meeting of the IAEA Board of Governors based on Iraq’s political will, and on a constitutional basis included in the 2005 Iraqi constitution, in the course of discussing the implementation of guarantees in Iran, by stressing the importance of cooperation and dialogue and that the Middle East region cannot tolerate further escalation.