Foreign Ministry Summons Turkish Ambassador to Iraq and Submits a Letter of Protest

The Foreign Ministry summoned the Turkish ambassador to Iraq Mr. Fateh Yildiz on the background of the Turkish bombing that affected a number of regions in northern Iraq, and the terror that it caused and spread among the population.

The meeting was held by the Senior Foreign Ministry Undersecretary Ambassador Abdel Karim Hashim who delivered the letter of protest.

The letter stated the Iraqi government’s condemnation of violations of the sanctity and sovereignty of Iraq and the Iraqi airspace, and considered that it contravenes international conventions, relevant rules of international law, friendship relations, principles of good-neighbourliness and mutual respect.

In the letter the Ministry reiterated its call to neighboring Turkey to stop unilateral military operations, and expressed the Iraqi government’s readiness for joint cooperation in controlling border security in a manner that secures the interests of both sides.

The letter concluded by calling the Turkish embassy to transfer the letter to the competent Turkish authorities to take measures to end these violations and prevent their occurrence in the future.