The First Strategic Dialogue Session Held between Republic of Iraq and United States of America

The delegation representing the Republic of Iraq headed by Foreign Ministry Senior Undersecretary Mr. Abdul Karim Hashim, and the delegation of the United States government headed by Undersecretary of State Mr. David Hale held the first session of the strategic dialogue through a closed television circuit today in accordance with the Strategic Framework Agreement for Friendship and Cooperation signed in 2008.

During the session, the two sides presented their basic ideas regarding economic, political, security and cultural relations between the two countries. The discussions were characterized by a friendly and positive spirit, and expressed appreciation for the good relations between the two countries, and confirmed their endeavor to consolidate those relations under the new Iraqi government headed by Mr. Mustafa Al-Kadhimi. This session will be the beginning of a series of other sessions of the strategic dialogue in the hope that the next session will be held in Washington when the appropriate conditions are available.