Foreign Minister Meets European Ambassadors and Calls for Concerted International Efforts to Address the Repercussions of the Pandemic

Foreign Minister Mr. Fuad Hussein expressed the government’s keenness to establish balanced relations with the world in a manner that guarantees the interests of Iraq, preserve its sovereignty, enhances cooperation through the conclusion of agreements and bilateral memorandums of understanding, and launching strategic dialogues, in addition to activating the joint committees.

The Minister called on European countries to work and invest in the Iraqi market since it represents a fertile environment, and also stressed the importance of concerted international efforts to avoid the negative repercussions of the outbreak of the new Coronavirus by contributing to the support of health institutions with technology, modern equipment and medical supplies that contribute to the detection of the pandemic and the treatment of those infected with it.

This came in a meeting held by the Minister with European ambassadors accredited to Baghdad.

Minister Fuad Hussein expressed his appreciation for the support provided by the governments of the European countries to Iraq in the reconstruction of liberated cities from Da’esh terrorist gangs, and the pledges made at the Kuwait Donor’s Conference and the fulfilment of their obligations and praised the cooperation expressed by a number of European countries in conducting exceptional flights to transport the Iraqis stranded due to the comprehensive ban measures and the flights suspension, pointing out that the Iraqi government prioritizes preparing for early elections and improving the economic and living conditions of citizens.