The Permanent Representative of Republic of Iraq to United Nations: The sovereignty of Iraq and promoting its stability is essential to strengthening stability and maintaining security in the region.

The Permanent Representative of the Republic of Iraq to the United Nations, Ambassador Mohammad Bahr Al-Ulum, participated in the Security Council session to discuss the Secretary-General’s report on Iraq, and listen to the briefing by the Special Representative of the Secretary-General and Head of the Iraq Assistance Mission (UNAMI) Ms. Jeanine Plasschaert.
The Ambassador delivered the speech on behalf of Prime Minister, Mr. Mustafa Al-Kadhimi.

He began by commending the efforts made by Ms. Plasschaert to support Iraq for the period covered by the Secretary-General’s report.
Stating that the wave of demonstrations in Iraq is an expression of the state of mass discontent due to lack of trust in public institutions, and failures in meeting the challenges.
Considering that this government is a crisis-facing government, and it will work hard to find the right solutions.
In order for the government to be able to fulfil its obligations, implement its priorities, we must safeguard the sovereignty of Iraq, strengthen the rule of law and reclaiming the state’s control over arms and preventing foreign powers from transferring their conflict and rivalries and using Iraq as a base to attack other countries.
Stressing that Iraq seeks to strengthen friendship and brotherhood relations with all neighboring countries.
Noting that the priorities of the Iraqi government are to intensify efforts to confront the Coronavirus pandemic, confine arms to the state, strengthen the rule of law, formulate an exceptional budget draft that strengthens the ability to respond to financial and economic crises, and launch and sponsor a comprehensive national dialogue to achieve the demands of the demonstrators.
Adding that the most important priorities of the government are to release salaries without delay, to compensate the families of the martyrs and the wounded of the demonstrators, to form a committee of experts to support the Independent High Electoral Commission in its efforts to organize early elections, and to form a special committee to prepare for strategic negotiations with the United States of America.
The Permanent Representative indicated in the speech the efforts of the government in combating terrorism, calling on the international community to support Iraq in this regard.
Noting that Iraq places the priorities of its foreign policy in enhanced opportunities for cooperation with neighboring countries and the international community.
And expressed Iraq’s aspiration to obtain Security Council support for the new government in facing the challenges, especially the Coronavirus pandemic, the financial and economic crisis, and active cooperation in the area of ​​counter-terrorism.
At the end of his speech he thanked the Special Representative of the Secretary-General and the head of the Iraq Assistance Mission and its team in Baghdad for their great efforts over the year since May 2019, expressing Iraq’s desire to renew the mandate of the UNAMI mission for one year.