The Embassy of Republic of Iraq in Doha Launches an Exceptional Flight to Transport Iraqis Stranded in Qatar

The Embassy of Republic of Iraq to Doha launched an extraordinary flight today, Sunday May 10th, with 269 passengers on board of Iraqis stranded in Qatar due to comprehensive ban and suspending of flights to prevent the outbreak of the new Coronavirus, in coordination with the Crisis Cell and the Protocol Department at the Ministry’s headquarters.
The Foreign Ministry made exceptional efforts through the Crisis Cell, the Protocol Department ans continuous coordination with the relevant national authorities, in addition to the effort made by our embassy to communicate with Iraqis wishing to return to the country, and to coordinate with the relevant authorities in its field of work.
The travelers were accompanied to the airport by the Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq to Doha Mr. Omar Al-Barzanji and the diplomatic staff at our embassy to bid farewell to the travelers and complete their travel procedures.