On the occasion of World Press Freedom Day which coincides on the 3rd of May, we convey our deepest congratulations and sincere blessings to journalists men and woman especially Iraqis on their special and glorious day, wishing them success in carrying out their tasks while they convey truth and establish its pillars through their lenses and pens.

The press has formed an important establishment for democratic institutions, and has represented the responsible word, and the live conscience in the country, which indicates points of imbalance and weakness; it was – truely – a Fourth Estate; it integrated with the rest of the authorities in the service of human beings and their issues, and brightening public opinion, and achieved a diverse scene that journalist have the right to be proud of.
The journalists of Iraq, who are active members of the national team, who work throughout the day in the first line of contact in educating public opinion and enhancing Iraq’s democratic experience.
On this occasion, we confirm the call to ensure the safety of women and men journalists and to create an independent and professional media environment.
As we celebrate this day, we pray to God Almighty to grant mercy and gratitude to all martyrs of the press, media and free expression in Iraq and the world.

Foreign Ministry /Baghdad