The Foreign Ministry Summons Turkish Ambassador to Baghdad After Turkish Violation of Iraqi Airspace and Bombing of Refugee Camp near Makhmur

The Foreign Ministry summoned the Turkish ambassador to Baghdad Mr. Fatih Yildiz on the background of a Turkish army fighter plane violating Iraqi airspace, and bombing a refugee camp near Makhmur that claimed the lives of two women.

Foreign Minister Mr. Mohamad A. Alhakim directed the summoning of the Turkish Ambassador, who was met by Former Ministry Undersecretary Mr. Muayad Salih who informed him of the letter protest, stressing the need to stop such serious violations and respect the principles of good-neighborliness.

The Ministry had issued a statement condemning this attack, and considered it a violation of Iraqi sovereignty, a grave breach of international humanitarian law, and the provisions of the United Nations Charter.

The statement also called for respect for sovereignty, and cooperation to ensure border security, pointing out that these repeated attacks by the Turkish side will not contribute to ensuring Turkey’s security, and are not in the interest of security and stability in the region.