The Iraqi Embassy in Germany Operates an Extraordinary Flight to Bring Back Stranded Iraqis

The extraordinary flight from Berlin departed to Baghdad with (196) Iraqis on board that were stranded in Germany after the lockdown imposed by the countries of the world as preventive measure from the Coronavirus that hit many countries of the world, and its first destination will be to Erbil Airport, then to Baghdad Airport.
This comes in implementation of the directive of the Foreign Minister Mr. Mohamad A. Alhakim in coordination with the relevant Ministries, and the Office of Iraqi Airways in Berlin, as well as coordination with the German Foreign Ministry to operate exceptional flights to Baghdad to return stranded Iraqis.
It is worth noting that our Ministry had obtained the approval of the German side to allow Iraqi Airways to fly in German airspace after their approach on 29/3/2020.
The Iraqi diplomatic staff had accompanied the passengers to the airport to facilitate the procedures for their return to Iraq.
Our embassy in Berlin and the consulate general in Frankfurt, through their official accounts on social media, called on Iraqi citizens who are in Germany who want to return to Iraq to register their data, so that they can prepare their return flights on Iraqi Airways.