Foreign Ministry Official Spokesman Dr. Ahmed Al-Sahaf

The Embassy of the Republic of Iraq in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan directs its employees to provide transportation for the retired people to the two branches of the Rafidain Bank, to receive their salaries by the Iraqi National Retirement Authority.
The Embassy of Iraq in Amman under the guidance of Ambassador Haider Al-Athari, transferred the people of the Iraqi community to the two branches of the Rafidain Bank, the first in Sweifieh area, and the second in Jabal Amman because of the curfew imposed from ten in the morning until six in the evening . This initiative provides an opportunity to meet their needs of the community to buy medicine, pay rents, and some obligations.

This initiative comes to support our people in Jordan, as the Ambassador directed the transfer of retirees to the bank to receive their salaries, and it should be noted that the number of Iraqi retirees residing in the Kingdom is 10500 retirees.