Foreign Ministry Official Spokesman Dr. Ahmed Al-Sahaf

37 cases were registered among the Iraqi community with Coronavirus in Norway, 35 cases in Los Angeles, 22 cases in Sweden, 2 cases in Canada,
4 deaths including two in Sweden, one in Germany, and one in UK among the Iraqi community infected with Coronavirus.

The total number comes to 161 cases distributed as follows:

US 40
Norway 37
Sweden 22
Belgium 11
Jordan 11
Canada 10
Italy 7
Uk 5
Austria 5
Lebanon 2
Netherlands 5
Saudi Arabia 2

7 deaths among the Iraqi community distributed as follows:

Sweden 2
UK 3
Netherlands 1
Germany 1

Cases of recovery among the Iraqi community, 4 cases distributed as follows:

Canada 2
Iran 1
Jordan 1

On their part, our embassies in these countries make every effort to follow up the conditions of those infected and provide medical care.