The Launching of Extraordinary Flights to Transport Iraqis Stranded in Turkey to Baghdad

The Foreign Ministry in coordination with the Crisis Cell and the Ministry of Transport, with the follow-up of the Foreign Minister, the Embassy of the Republic of Iraq in Ankara , the Consulate General in Istanbul, and in the presence of the diplomatic staff launched the first extraordinary trip to Baghdad from Istanbul International Airport with (186) Iraqi citizens in addition to (15) children.

This first trip comes among three exceptional trips that start on 1st , 2nd and 3rd of April, with an additional trip on 4th of April aimed at transporting Iraqis stranded in Istanbul and other Turkish cities after the competent Turkish authorities implemented precautionary and preventive measures regarding the Coronavirus.

This trip included carrying 2 deceased and more than (76) patients, including (56 patients) who were in Ghazi Othman Pasha Hospital after they completed their surgical operations and treatments through coordination with the hospital to complete their travel process in addition to (20) patients with disabilities and some critical humanitarian situations, families, women and children.