The Iraqi Foreign Ministry in Coordination with the Crisis Cell ,Ministry of Transport, and Iraqi Airways Office in Beirut Announce Evacuation of Iraqi Citizens Stranded in Lebanon

The Iraqi Foreign Ministry announced the evacuation of the 261 Iraqi citizens stranded in Lebanon, most of them patients and special cases.
This came through the follow-up from the Embassy of the Republic of Iraq in Beirut with the crisis cell in the Foreign Ministry, the Ministry of Transport, and the Iraqi Airways Office in Beirut. The two planes landed at Rafic Hariri International Airport on Monday 30/3/2020 to evacuate Iraqis stranded in Lebanon after they appealed to the embassy to facilitate and arrange for their return to Iraq .
The Iraqi embassy in Beirut worked to prepare a list of them and obtain the approval of the Lebanese cabinet to open the airspace and airport and return them to Iraq. The embassy staff accompanied the departing passengers at Rafic Hariri International Airport and made sure to complete all procedures for their return.
On their part, the travelers thanked the Chargé d’affaires, Mr. Amin Abdul Ilah Al- Nasrawi, and the embassy staff for their presence at the airport, their cooperation and the prompt response to their appeal.