Senior Foreign Ministry Undersecretary Receives Copy of Credentials of Venezuelan Ambassador

Senior Foreign Ministry Undersecretary, Ambassador Abdel Karim Hashim received a copy of the credentials of the Venezuelan Ambassador Mr. Arturo Anibal Gallegos

 The two sides discussed the historical bilateral relations between the two countries, and the importance of developing them to serve the interests of the two friendly peoples. They also discussed the conclusion of a number of memorandums of understanding that are being negotiated in the context of strengthening bilateral relations, including: a memorandum of understanding between the Iraqi Oil Ministry and the Venezuelan Ministry of Energy, and Security cooperation and information exchange. Mr. Hasim indicated that Iraq supports the legitimate government of Venezuela in international forums, and emphasizes the settlement of the dispute between the government and the opposition by peaceful means, calling for activating bilateral cooperation in the field of combating terrorism and supporting the Palestinian issue .